Earn your Master's in Management Information Systems Online!

The MIS Department has Online MIS degree as shown below:

The online Management Information Systems graduate degree from the University of Illinois at Springfield can be earned online with no campus visits. Because we are a public university, our online graduate degree is less expensive than that of the University of Phoenix and other private universities. Students pursuing our online MIS degree pay the same low tuition rate whether they live in Illinois or some other state.

.This online degree in MIS has a balance between technical courses and business courses, which makes it ideal for capping-off an undergraduate degree in any field. Because of its managerial orientation, this degree should be considered by anyone contemplating an online MBA, as well as those interested in management information systems, computer information systems, information technology (IT), computer science, the management of technology or public/non-profit administration.

This MIS online degree is a part of U of I Online, a coordinated effort of the three University of Illinois campuses (Springfield, Chicago & Urbana-Champaign). Classes are taught by full-time faculty and are highly interactive. In many ways our Internet-based courses are like taking on-campus courses except there is more interaction between students and instructors, and among fellow students, than in traditional classes. Interaction is asynchronous, meaning it can be done any time from anywhere, making it an ideal degree for those who travel or have busy schedules that preclude taking classes on campus.

The University of Illinois at Springfield is accredited by the NCA, the highest level of institutional accreditation available. In addition, UIS online degrees have been approved for membership in Sloan Foundation's Sloan-C program, a consortium of accredited institutions committed to quality distance education.

Questions about the online graduate MIS degree can be directed to , Shanika W. Turner Online Program Coordinator of the Department of Management Information Systems at swrig6@uis.edu.

How Online Courses Work

Our Electronic Commerce course has been offered online since 1997. In January of 1999, the MIS Department began offering the entire Master's degree in Management Information Systems online.

The University of Illinois at Springfield has a tradition of offering innovative programs to students at the time and place most convenient for them.  Students may take either traditional classroom instruction, all online courses, or they may “mix and match” traditional in-class instructions with online courses.

UIS operates on 16-week semesters.  The online courses follow the 16 week format.  Students have weekly assignments, which are available on the Internet although to accommodate the schedules of those students who travel for their jobs, assignments are generally available two weeks in advance.  Assignments include reading and/or listening to the instructors' “lectures,” participation in computer mediated conferencing using Blackboard, doing homework problems and exercises, taking online quizzes, and participating in small groups to work on cases or projects.  In many ways the course is like taking a traditional course with the main difference being there is more interaction between the student and the instructor (and with fellow students) in the online version. The increased interaction is responsible for the high level of learning that occurs in these classes.


There are two levels of admission: (1) admission to graduate study at the University of Illinois at Springfield, and (2) admission to the Department of Management Information Systems.

University requirements

You must have a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution with a grade point average of at least 2.75 on a 4.0 scale.  (See below for departmental requirements) Additional information can be obtained by completing the online information request form, or by calling, sending an e-mail or writing:


Office of Enrollment Services
University of Illinois at Springfield
Springfield, Il 62794-9243

Email: admissions@uis.edu

Department Requirements

For Non Degree Seeking Students. If you have a bachelor's degree, you may enroll for courses in MIS program as a "Non-Degree Seeking Student." You may complete up to 12 credit hours before having to decide whether to apply for regular admission to the MIS program. Only 12 credit hours taken in this status will count toward the Master's degree in Management Information Systems. The MIS program offers several courses that do not require the prerequisites described below for degree seeking students.

 For Degree Seeking Students. In addition to UIS graduate admission requirements, MIS students must have completed the equivalent of two semesters of accounting or ACC 311 Administrative Uses of Accounting; one semester of production/operations management (such as BUS 322 Operations Management); one semester of statistics (such as ECO 313 Statistics for Business and Economics); one semester of college algebra or mathematics or the equivalent; and competency in a structured high-level programming language such as Java, C++, Visual Basic, COBOL, C, Fortran, etc; either through course work, such as CSC 319 Computer Programming, or practical experience.

All students applying for admission to the MIS department are expected to submit a Graduate Management Aptitude Test (GMAT) score or a Graduate Record Exam (GRE) score. Students may take their required prerequisite courses while they are waiting to submit either of these test scores.

Students work closely with an academic adviser who teaches in the program. The overall objective is to achieve the balance between technical knowledge and organizational knowledge that characterizes MIS expertise. Students may select electives based on their background and interest. All electives must be approved by the faculty adviser.

Closure Requirements

All MIS graduates must complete MIS 583 Graduate Project and Seminar (four hours) or MIS 594 MIS Capstone (four hours) or MIS 585 MIS Thesis and Seminar(eight hours).  The nature of the project is contingent on the individual's career goals and may or may not include a practicum experience. Projects may involve, for example, design/analysis of an information system for an existing organizational need; development of one or more databases for a potential organizational need; analysis of managerial needs or uses for information that is accessible in an existing database; or analysis, design, security, and management of networks.

If the project/thesis is not completed during these initial four or eight hours, students must register for one hour of MIS 583/585, on an audit basis, for each semester the project/thesis remains incomplete. UIS policy precludes students who are not registered from using campus resources. If a leave of absence is requested and approved, continuous registration is not required. Failure to obtain a leave of absence will require retroactive registration of one credit hour per semester.