IT Project Management

Graduate Certificate in IT Project Management (9 Hrs.)

The Certificate in IT Project Management provides information systems practitioners with the fundamental knowledge needed to manage information technology projects. This certificate is awarded on completion of the required coursework. Individuals may work on the certificate part time without being formally enrolled in a degree program, or may complete it as part of the master’s of science degree in Management Information Systems.

Entrance and Course Requirements

Students must hold a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution and meet campus requirements for admission to graduate study. Candidates for the certificate will be expected to complete course requirements with a grade of B or better. The Graduate Certificate in IT Project Management includes the following required courses.

S.No. Course No. Course Title Credit Hours
1 MIS 513 Management Information Systems 3
2 MIS 552 Systems Analysis and Design 3
3 MIS 573 Project and Change Management 3


Important Notes:

1. If MIS513 has been taken as part of another MIS graduate certificate, the student must substitute another UIS Management Information Systems course, not included as a required course in another certificate, in its place.

2. MBA students can replace MIS 513 with MIS 525.