Who Can Apply for a Graduate Certificate?

Anyone with:

  • An undergraduate degree, and
  • Meets campus requirements for admissions to graduate study.


How to Apply:

If you are not currently a UIS Graduate Student, submit the following:

1. A UIS application as a graduate non-degree seeking student
(Find the application at: www.uis.edu/admissions/applytoday/ )

2. Official transcripts documenting an undergraduate degree


If you are currently a UIS graduate student, submit a Change of Curriculum Form found at:


Other Things You Need to Know:

  • Individuals may work on the certificate part time without being formally enrolled in a degree program, or may complete it as part of the masters of science degree in Management Information Systems or other programs if approved by their specific degree program.
  • Financial assistance is not available for Graduate Certificates
  • If MIS 513 has been taken as part of another MIS graduate certificate, the student must substitute another UIS MIS cource,
    not included as a required course in another
    in its place. MBA students can replace MIS 513 with MIS 525.
  • All coursework must have a final grade of B or better.
  • No transfer credit is accepted for certificates.