Entrance Requirements

In addition to UIS graduate admission requirements, majors must have completed with a grade of "C-" or better the equivalent of:

1. Two semesters of accounting, or ACC 311 Administrative Uses of Accounting.

2. One semester of production/operations management (such as BUS 322 Operations Management).

3. One semester of statistics (such as MAT 121 Applied Statistics or ECO 213 Statistics for Business and Economics).

4. One semester of college algebra or mathematics, or the equivalent and

5. Competency in a structured high-level programming language such as Java, C++, Visual Basic, COBOL, C, Fortran, etc; either through course work, such as CSC 225 and CSC 275 or practical experience.

6. Students applying for admission to the MIS Department are expected to submit a Graduate Management Aptitude Test (GMAT) score or a Graduate Record Exam (GRE) score. The test score requirement is waived for students having an undergraduate GPA greater than 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale) or for students who hold a completed graduate-level degree from an accredited U.S. university. Other students having at least five years of significant, professional experience in the MIS field may petition to waive the GRE/GMAT score. Documentation of the experience will be required. Students may take prerequisite courses while they are waiting to submit test scores.

Students work closely with an academic adviser who teaches in the department. The overall objective is to achieve the balance between technical knowledge and organizational knowledge that characterizes MIS expertise. Students may select electives based on their background and interest. All electives must be approved by the faculty adviser.